ALT+ART: The Art of Alternative Theatre

For many, the theater arts scene in the Philippines has recently been an elitist’s haven. What is left with the common working class man, with the high prices of tickets, a lack of courses or programs teaching theatre, and most especially the height of television, cinema and social media as forms of entertainment?

These bastards are illegitimate children of performance, of the stage, of the glimmering lights of the “pinilakang tabing”. Let’s go back to where the stage is biggest – the streets, the communities, the masses.

ALT+ART promotes not the “best” in the most elitist competitive sense that fuels the general scheme of local mainstream theatre, but all the alternative, collegiate, community and lesser-known groups who pound their way without enough manpower or money to create a lasting product that is part of a long tradition of performance.

ALT+ART is here to promote the works of artists who strive for their art  delivering messages only seldom heard to the majority of masses not only for them to be able to witness stories of the marginalized but also to inspire them to collaborate and make art together as a community.

ALT+ART serves the artists that serve the community. And thus, we begin this endless journey.


  • ART+ALT is Gio Potes, an artist and critic borne out of the gay and ferocious UP Repertory Company of UP Diliman.

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