KARITAS AT DAMASO: The UP Repertory Company’s scandalous musical #blastphemy

The UP Repertory Company (UP REP), UP Diliman’s official University Performing Group for Philippine Theatre, proudly brings back one of its most outrageous, most shocking and most controversial play for Fringe Manila Arts Festival: KARITAS AT DAMASO.

Written by UP Diliman’s U Z Eliserio and directed by UP REP alumnus, Dax Carnay, the production also features an all critical, all daring, all UP production cast and crew.

See UP Rep and UZ Eliserio’s take on religion in a wild EDM flavored musical farce opening this Valentine’s Day! In an old, cheap looking church, a young woman named Juana Donna visits to confess her sins before she gets married. She begs the priest, Damaso and the nuns Karitas and Salve Regina to cleanse her soul so she can regain her virginity back — the most special gift she could give to her groom. After having done all the rituals, she realizes that the rituals change nothing, and Damaso, Karitas and Salve Regina, together with their beliefs and religious ‘powers’ are incapable of helping her.

12646626_10154357465866111_2241623670429113370_oU Z Eliserio’s KARITAS AT DAMASO is a musical farce that seeks to question and reexamine the role of religion in our ideas and notions about sex, money, sin and love.  For an arts festival that showcases different and diverse material, UP Rep’s KARITAS AT DAMASO is sure not to disappoint.


UP Rep’s KARITAS AT DAMASO will open on February 14 (3PM & 7PM) and will continue on the following showdates: February 21 (3PM & 7PM), February 15 & 22 (7PM) and February 20 & 27 (3PM) at The Pineapple Lab, Makati City. For more details you can check out the KxD Event Page, or contact NICOLYN at 09066925606.


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