Local theater groups unite the artists, rock the authorities.

February’s National Arts Month features a barrage of diverse upcoming attractions from theater groups, with aims of rocking local authorities while connecting young Filipino artists. These also stand as a testament to the artists’ collaborations in showcasing their talents and passions with an art that reflects the lives of ordinary Filipinos. But in the face of the upcoming elections, these plays tend to expose a New Age of social hypocrisy, ruled by old and new oppressive forces that will still rule it even after May 2016.

GAPOK by Tanghalang Mulong Sandoval is a melodramatic struggle against corporations and state officials using demolitions to get rid of the urban poor. With a strong set of actors, GAPOK reflects the reality of inhumane demolitions and evictions still in operation around the Metro. Meanwhile, Ateneo Entablado dazzles with an adaptation of ROMULUS D’ GRAYT whose titular selfish emperor in the face of his falling empire seems too familiar for a Filipino audience. From Ateneo to UP, and from state politics to the Church, The UP Repertory Company restages its controversial KARITAS AT DAMASO for Fringe Manila 2016. A musical farce brimming with irreverent dialogue and risqué high-NRG musical numbers, it’s enough to electrify any religious fanatic. In the same humorously sharp way, Yugto Theater Ensemble slaps the local elections with the game show comedy-musical OPEN THE DOOR. Lastly, two new theater groups combine the efforts of artists to create new material for Fringe Manila 2016 – Project Mayheim Productions’ WE CHOOSE TO GOT TO THE MOON is a collaboration artists from different groups, tackling issues of human behavior in the internet. Meanwhile EraGascon’s series of HAMPASAN Open Jams is an event for artists to showcase their works, allowing them to enjoy different art spaces in the Metro, while also standing as a fundraiser for their upcoming Fringe production.

Catch all these plays this February:

*GAPOK will be staged on February in the following areas:

  • February 12-13 at Sitio San Roque, Agham Road, QC
  • February 19-20 at Camarin, North Caloocan City
  • February 26 at Payatas, QC
  • February 27 at Kasiyahan Street, Barangay Holy Spirit, QC


*ROMULUS D’ GRAYT will be staged at the Rizal Mini Theater, Faber Hall, Ateneo de Manila University in the following dates:

  • February 3-5, 9-12 (7 PM)
  • February 6 & 13 (2 PM & 7 PM)


*KARITAS AT DAMASO will be staged at The Pineapple Lab in Makati City on the following dates:

  • February 14 & 21 (3PM & 7PM)
  • February 15 & 22 (7PM)
  • February 20 & 27 (3PM)


*OPEN THE DOOR will be staged in Luneta’s Mabuhay Restop on February 26-27 (3pm & 7pm)


*WE CHOOSE TO GO TO THE MOON will be staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Tanghalang Huseng Batute on February 21 & 28 (4pm & 8pm)


*The next HAMPASAN Open Jam will be on February 7, 9pm at the Black Kings Bar x Cafe (BKB, in West Ave)



HAMPASAN: EraGascon’s Advocacy for the Local Arts Scene


12485808_1707380279484827_1143825251772601732_oEGMM in cooperation with SELDA-DOS present:

‪#‎HAMPASAN‬ (An Open Art Jam!)

JANUARY 31, 2016 9PM at SELDA-DOS (Visayas Avenue, Tandang Sora, QC)


To register, send us a message here on Facebook or contact EGMM thru Pat Gascon- 0915 912 9919 and/or Joshua Chan- 0917 677 5141

BE PART OF THE #HAMPASAN Community!!! See you all on the 31st and let’s all end January together with one love, one passion, one advocacy, one community, #HAMPASAN!!!


What is #HAMPASAN?

HAMPASAN is the brain-child of two women who were inspired to use the artistry evident in people, as their way of promoting the beauty and diversity present today in the Philippines. Hampasan is not just a talent show and to prove it, the title was not chosen because it sounded cool, it actually means more than it has to offer;

Hampasan is a Filipino term for ‘hit’. Being common knowledge, to hit/get hit, emits/provokes a feeling. The show is centred in on this. Willing artists are given an open platform to express their selves through any type of medium. The concept behind “Hampasan” is that we would like to showcase a kaleidoscope of people who are present right now, those we come across and see every day and to realize that we actually don’t. This show’s goal is to have a two-way conversation between the artist and the audience; for the artists to hit the audience emotionally by letting them feel what they feel, by relaying their story and of course to express their selves. In turn, the audience would hit back to their performers with their presence during their acts of art.

It’s not a stagnant type of event. It (HAMPASAN) can be found anywhere. It can be done anywhere and it could be done in any way. No two shows are the same, just like no feeling is the same. KAYA TARA NA!! MAG-HAMPASAN NA!!


Images from HAMPASAN’s FB Page